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Think back to your experiences while you were in school. Remember the teachers, your peers, the classwork, the homework, the tests, the pressures, the failures, the successes, the fun and above all, the education and personal growth and preparation you gained from your time in school. Whatever your memories of the time you spent in school, gaining education for your future, you can now see the benefits produced from the structure and training received during that time. Imagine how things might be if you didn't have the benefit of the training you received in school. Imagine having to learn by the "school of hard knocks", or purely experience alone. Many of us would probably have more questions and less answers if this had been the case with us.
In this book you’ll discover:

  • Qualifications for Prophetic Ministry

  • The Governmental Protocols for Prophetic Ministry, Companies, and Teams

  • Ministering from The Mind Of Christ

  • Prophetic Technologies and Mechanics

  • Different Methods of Prophesying

And much more!

Each chapter is accompanied with a specially crafted activation or exercise designed to sharpen and hone your gifts!

The Prophet's Walk: Volume I ... Awakening The Prophet Within


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