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The purpose of this book is designed to train and activate you on a more advanced level to become properly prepared to be able to hear the voice of the Lord clearly for yourself and for others. The information contained herein is very practical, easy to follow and understand, and is written purposely in a way that any anyone could benefit from reading the material. It is an instruction and activation book, designed to move you to be able to hear God's voice accurately and, if so gifted, to minister prophetically with confidence, clarity and specific detail.


This book contains sound bible-based teaching on the prophetic and practical instructions to teach you how to discern God's voice clearly and how to develop you prophetic gifting. It also contains a series of carefully orchestrated activation exercises with each chapter, which are best if done in a small group setting, but can be adapted for email and messenger as well. This book was written with you in mind and is guaranteed to catapult you into the next dimension of your prophetic journey! It’s your time! Are you ready? 

The Prophet’s Walk Volume 2: Unleashing The Prophet Within


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