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Some people get very anxious when they get around the prophetic, because they so desire to receive a word and they are afraid that they will not receive one. This book covers this topic from two perspectives. It starts with the perspective of the person who suffers from this anxiety and related frustration if they do not receive a word. It examines the thinking and emotions that these individuals experience, as well as explaining how this can sometimes cause them to behave immaturely for brief periods of time when frustrated. It examines seven principles that will help an individual revamp their thinking so that they behave maturely when they are around the prophetic. It will also cover the subject from the prophet's perspective, e.g., how to minister to those who "suffer" from this anxiety. It will also look at how to process a word when you have waited a long time for it, but you do not like what God says when you finally "get a word.”

Desperate For A Word


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