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Have you gotten your book yet? There is a fresh, recalibrating wind of Holy Spirit blowing! This book focuses on understanding the apostolic and how it is to function, including it's relationship to the prophetic. The apostolic and the prophetic often function together.

This book will:

• Define what the apostolic & prophetic church is supposed to look like and how God is restoring this • Discover how the apostolic is used to release the power of God and boldness

• Recalibrate the church paradigm as an apostolic center

• Characterize the role of the apostolic in promoting unity.

• Examine how apostolic reformation should touch the church and individuals in it

• Provide a prophetic challenge to the body of Christ to live in the fullness and power of God.


Are you ready for this era in the Kingdom of God? It is time for the convergence of God’s holy Apostles and Prophets! LET’S GO!!! GET YOURS TODAY! and its also available on Amazon and Kindle.

Converge: When Apostles And Prophets Align

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