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I'm Prophetic! Now What?

This three-sectioned book is designed to give language to the various changes, processes, tests, and trainings one called to prophetic ministry will inevitably and must endure. You can consider this book a guide to "what they didn't tell you about prophetic ministry." Many who are thrust into prophetic ministry or a prophetic lifestyle are initially ambivalent about what begins to happen in their life both spiritually and physically. This book tells you why certain things happen and various pitfalls to avoid in prophetic ministry. This literature has been written for the novice and the seasoned prophetic person as a guidebook to walk you into the consistently prolific life in prophetic ministry. It is also a very potent teaching tool as well.   

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The Prophet's Walk: Volume I
Awakening The Prophet Within

Think back to your experiences while you were in school. Remember the teachers, your peers, the classwork, the homework, the tests, the pressures, the failures, the successes, the fun and above all, the education and personal growth and preparation you gained from your time in school. Whatever your memories of the time you spent in school, gaining education for your future, you can now see the benefits produced from the structure and training received during that time. Imagine how things might be if you didn't have the benefit of the training you received in school. Imagine having to learn by the "school of hard knocks", or purely experience alone. Many of us would probably have more questions and less answers if this had been the case with us.
In this book you’ll discover:

  • Qualifications for Prophetic Ministry

  • The Governmental Protocols for Prophetic Ministry, Companies, and Teams

  • Ministering from The Mind Of Christ

  • Prophetic Technologies and Mechanics

  • Different Methods of Prophesying

And much more!

Each chapter is accompanied with a specially crafted activation or exercise designed to sharpen and hone your gifts!

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The Prophet's Walk: Volume II
Unleashing The Prophet Within



The purpose of this book is designed to train and activate you on a more advanced level to become properly prepared to be able to hear the voice of the Lord clearly for yourself and for others. The information contained herein is very practical, easy to follow and understand, and is written purposely in a way that any anyone could benefit from reading the material. It is an instruction and activation book, designed to move you to be able to hear God's voice accurately and, if so gifted, to minister prophetically with confidence, clarity and specific detail.


This book contains sound bible-based teaching on the prophetic and practical instructions to teach you how to discern God's voice clearly and how to develop you prophetic gifting. It also contains a series of carefully orchestrated activation exercises with each chapter, which are best if done in a small group setting, but can be adapted for email and messenger as well. This book was written with you in mind and is guaranteed to catapult you into the next dimension of your prophetic journey! It’s your time! Are you ready? 

Invisible Agents: An In-Depth Study of Angels

Explore what the Bible says about angels. Focus on the various roles and characteristics of angels, as well as briefly discuss other members of the "Heavenly Hosts," such as Seraphim and Cherubim. 

This book also briefly discusses fallen angels. This book presents several facts and details that the Bible tells gives us about angels. It will expose you to some historical non-bible writings about angels from the book of Enoch. The book will also explore the role that angels play in the prophetic. It will look at angelic visitations and the role angels play in protecting God's elect. 


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Discovering Your Place In God's Kingdom
Understanding The Five-Fold Ministry

This book will look at the kingdom order that God has established through the 5-fold offices or better known as graces. Ephesians 4:11 lists those graces as apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, and evangelist. In this book, we will examine each of these offices in some detail. It will define each office, show how God intended the office to function (and in some cases give modern-day examples of people functioning effectively in their office). The book will also explore the "price tag" or cost of each of the 5-fold offices. Then we will examine God's plan and purpose for the "everyday believer," for those who are not called to one of the 5-fold offices. You will see that God has not left anyone out, He has wonderful plans for each of us to move with Him in His power, anointing and authority. Finally, the book will explore how to understand and prepare for God's plan for your own life.


Desperate For A Word
Desperate for a word front cover.png

Some people get very anxious when they get around the prophetic, because they so desire to receive a word and they are afraid that they will not receive one. This book covers this topic from two perspectives. It starts with the perspective of the person who suffers from this anxiety and related frustration if they do not receive a word. It examines the thinking and emotions that these individuals experience, as well as explaining how this can sometimes cause them to behave immaturely for brief periods of time when frustrated. It examines seven principles that will help an individual revamp their thinking so that they behave maturely when they are around the prophetic. It will also cover the subject from the prophet's perspective, e.g., how to minister to those who "suffer" from this anxiety. It will also look at how to process a word when you have waited a long time for it, but you do not like what God says when you finally "get a word.”

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Converge: When Apostles and Prophets Align

There is a fresh, recalibrating wind of Holy Spirit blowing! This book focuses on understanding the apostolic and how it is to function, including its relationship to the prophetic. The apostolic and the prophetic often function together. This book will: • Define what the apostolic & prophetic church is supposed to look like and how God is restoring this • Discover how the apostolic is used to release the power of God and boldness • Recalibrate the church paradigm as an apostolic center • Characterize the role of the apostolic in promoting unity. • Examine how apostolic reformation should touch the church and individuals in it • Provide a prophetic challenge to the body of Christ to live in the fullness and power of God. Are you ready for this era in the Kingdom of God? It is time for the convergence of God’s holy Apostles and Prophets! LET’S GO!!!

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