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Feb 25, 2023 - May 4, 2023

The Lab: Growing & Scaling Your Speaking/Training

  • 69Days
  • 2Steps
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Are you an aspiring speaker and want to be paid to travel the country or internationally to speak? Do you want to learn how to develop a profitable and effective training program or course? Are you ready to coach people to success but struggle to find clients? Learn the step-by-step formula for growing and scaling your speaking and training business! In this Masterclass, you will learn: How to discover your niche market and become the Go-To Authority in your niche, and stand out amongst your peers and collegues. How to develop your talk/speech/course/training How to get paid speaking and teaching engagements How to expand internationally Effective marketing and branding strategies and create content that positions you as the expert, which grows your client base who wants to book you Email templates and scripts to apply for speaking engagements How to monetize your story How to increase your audience and influence How to build your speaking brand so you get noticed and easily differentiate yourself from a crowded Niche How to build your social media in a way that positions you for new opportunities, especially if you don't have a following right now SO MUCH MORE! Upgrade and Accelerate your enrollment by purchasing the workbook that goes along with the masterclass!

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